Refutation View: Why We Need To Legalize Euthanasia

There are many people who believe that Euthanasia should under no circumstances are legalized and I would like to prove them wrong. I am going to take a look at three of the most popular reasons why people believe euthanasia should stay illegal and refute them. In an article, “Physician-Assisted Suicide is Always Wrong” by Ryan T. Andersons he discusses these three arguments and many more. The first argument to keep euthanasia illegal is because it endangers the weak and vulnerable. When people are accepting death as their absolute last option the last thing I would describe them as is weak. Many people choosing euthanasia have been fighting, very strongly, a battle that is out of their control. Whether it is a sickness, disease or disability that people are dealing with they resort to euthanasia after fighting undoubtedly the hardest battle of their life. Someone who can endure that and have the courage to look towards euthanasia for a dignified death is not someone who I would qualify as weak.

The second argument is that allowing euthanasia will change the culture in which medicine is practiced and give doctors too much of the power. When dealing with such controversial topics like this one change can definitely be a scary thought. But, many changes in our society have lead to great success and equality including the freeing of slaves. Allowing doctors to have the ability to fulfill someone’s requests to end their life dignified gives them no more power than they already have. Doctors can literally hold someone heart in their hands, but it is up to them what they decide to do with it. Doctors already have a lot of power and take an oath to use it the right way. If euthanasia were to be legalized they would have to follow the right protocol to give out this drug just like they do with any other drug.

The third and final reason why Anderson believes euthanasia should stay illegal is because it would violate human dignity. This is the exact opposite of what legalizing euthanasia would do. Allowing euthanasia would give people the right that they deserve to their own death. If we have the right to live then we have the right to die. It allows people to die a death that is without pain and dignified. As individuals we have the right to live a life we want and die a death that we choose. We should be allowed to choose how we live and how we die. Euthanasia gives people the right to choose how they die, a right that they deserve.

Do not deny people their rights to live or die.

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