The Medical Care That People Deserve

The populations who want to keep euthanasia illegal don’t truly understand the pain and suffering that these people are going to. It is hard to put yourself in these people’s shoes and to understand what it really feels like to view death as your one and only option to be happy. One argument that I keep stumbling upon is that people who turn towards euthanasia are confusing their desire to end pain and suffering with a desire to actually die. The argument is that they aren’t being treated fully for their pain and should resort any and all methods to reduce their pain to an amount that can be dealt with on a daily basis. To believe that people turning to euthanasia haven’t already exhausted all of their options is just stubborn. Euthanasia is one hundred and ten percent people’s last option. Choosing to end your own life due pain and suffering that is never ending is not something that people come upon lightly. Before looking to euthanasia as their only way out of the pain and misery they are feeling they do everything humanly possibly to end it using medicine. But, when the medicine to stop their pain fails they must turn to medicine for help in a different way.

Additionally, with this argument people believe that if euthanasia is legal then people will be less likely to seek medical help to end their pain and suffering and will just resort to euthanasia. This idea is extremely immature belief. People don’t turn to death without second-guessing it or giving it years of consideration. Specialized medical care for people with serious illness, also known as palliative care, will not be effected at all if euthanasia is legalized. This is because people with these illnesses will try every other method to ease their pain before resorting to euthanasia. For patients who turn to euthanasia there is absolutely nothing more they can try. They can no longer lie the life they are living because medicine keeps failing them time and time again. It is time that medicine gives people what they truly want and truly need.

Read more about this specific argument here.

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