Snapchat News

If you were to ask any 15-22 year old which social media platform they use the most, it would undoubtedly be Snapchat. In the past few years, Snapchat has dominated the social media sphere and has become an essential outlet for advertisers and businesses to get their word out. Recently, they have added a new features called SnpachatNews, where magazines and companies provide daily articles and interactive pages for viewers to explore. img_9575Yesterday, in scrolling through Cosmopolitan, I came across an article called “Im Terminally Ill and I Want to Choose When I Die.” The article discussed the life of Jenny Cooper who was a women that had terminally ill breast cancer. Having this positive and influential story on snapchat is a huge advancement for legalizing euthanasia as it gives this important topic the coverage on a whole other level. Besides scholarly articles and news stations, the young generation is extremely uninformed of this important topic and having stories on these different social networks could be extremely helpful! Check out the link above for the full story!

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