Meet Spencer Bais

Hi my name is Spencer Bais and I’m an economics major at the University of Maryland and I believe that euthanasia should be legal. Patients who are incurable and suffering with no hope should be able to allow their doctor to kill them painlessly. I find this topic  interesting because my grandma passed away not too long ago and my family and her decided that the doctor should let her go. If she was not able to do it herself it would have been very hard for our family and her to continue with her in that condition.


Meet Nicole Aivazoglou

Hi my name is Nicole Aivazoglou and I am currently a senior majoring in Communications. I believe that euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide should be legal because I do not think anyone should have endure unnecessary pain and suffering with an illness that is ultimately terminal. I am extremely interested in this topic because my grandfather was terminally ill in the hospital a few years ago. I think this is a very controversial and intriguing topic and I am excited to research and further investigate this complex and important issue in todays world.


Meet Brian Wagner

My name is Brian Wagner and I am a senior at the University of Maryland. I care about euthanasia and believe it should be legal because I believe that it is someone’s right to choose whether they die or not die. In many cases it can save the family money and can also spare the patient the pain and agony of continuing to go through treatment when they know they are going to die soon anyway.fullsizerender-1

Meet Emily Kennedy

My name is Emily Kennedy and I am a junior here at University of Maryland majoring in communication and minoring in Spanish. I care about euthanasia because I have seen a loved one in my family suffer through painful illness herself. Having to live through extreme pain with little to no ability to be on your own, as well as expensive medical bills isn’t fair in my opinion. Euthanasia should be legal everywhere to end this unfortunate way of life.


Meet Sarah Vallarelli

Hi my name is Sarah Vallarelli and I am a current senior studying communication with a minor in leadership studies. I was born and raised in New York with two sisters and a bulldog named Brutus. I was excited to start a new chapter in my life at The University of Maryland in 2013 to further my education and grow as a person. One of the first classes that I took in college was the philosophy of contemporary morals. One of the controversial topics that we focused on was euthanasia. At first it seemed like a very straightforward topic, are you for it or are you against it, but after delving into the two sides it became a lot more interesting and complex. As the course went on I grew to lean towards the side of supporting euthanasia even though when the class first started I was completely against it. This is a topic that seems very simple at first, but after research and debate it is actually a difficult question, should euthanasia be legal?