Meet The Authors

My name is Sarah Vallarelli and I am a current senior studying communication with a minor in leadership studies. I was born and raised in New York with two sisters and a bulldog named Brutus. I was excited to start a new chapter in my life at The University of Maryland in 2013 to further my education and grow as a person. One of the first classes that I took in college was the philosophy of contemporary morals. One of the controversial topics that we focused on was euthanasia. At first it seemed like a very straightforward topic, are you for it or are you against it, but after delving into the two sides it became a lot more interesting and complex. As the course went on I grew to lean towards the side of supporting euthanasia even though when the class first started I was completely against it. This is a topic that seems very simple at first, but after research and debate it is actually a difficult question, should euthanasia be legal?