Always Look At Both Sides

          As I delve deeper into research on euthanasia I am coming across more reason why people believe that it should stay illegal. I would like to continue to refute these points and further prove why we need to legalize peoples right to choose their own death. I first came across the “slippery slope” argument. This is the idea that once we allow physician assisted suicide it will cross a line that society has created for a reason. Once we cross this line we would be setting a dangerous precedent for the human health. People who believe this argue that it would lead to a unforeseen consequences that would come from allowing people to kill themselves legally. But, not legalizing has lead to horrible consequences that legalizing it would fix. For example, people who are at the point in their illness or disability when they contemplate taking their life want the option to do it in a hospital rather than their own home. If we do not legalize this practice in hospitals, then people will resort to the other option, taking their own life into their own hands and killing themselves in various and dangerous ways. In order for us to monitor this slippery slope and stop people taking their lives unwatched then we need to legalize euthanasia.

            Another argument that has been mentioned by various people is that doctors and nurses would be held responsible for killing a life. This would take a toll on their own mental health because they would consider themselves taking someone else’s life They consider this to be unethical medicine for the person administering the drug.. I understand how people can see this to be true, but doctors are well educated and understand the reasoning behind why a patient would choose euthanasia. They may not full understand because it is not happening to them but they would become sympathetic to the patient and understand that they are actually helping the patient die how they want. Doctors and nurses may be administering the drug but they patient is the one who is making the decision. This is similar to people who administer the drug that kills people on death row. It is a similar understanding that it is not in fact in the person who gives the drug but in the hands of the person who is getting the drug. These two perspectives may seem to be correct, but after thinking and educating yourself on euthanasia you will understand that the “slippery slope” idea and the medical ethical argument is not right.