Introduction to Euthanasia

Almost everyone in the world can say that they know someone personally who has suffered through an illness or have been a victim themselves. This is due to the fact that there is such a range of health issues amongst the human race, that people endure suffering and pain in different forms of illness on a daily basis. Though, specific disease may be or turn to into their terminal stage where the subject must lose their sense of life and battle pain daily, only to know that there is no happy ending. So, should these people be relieved of this suffering and be given the option to opt out of this final painful ending to life? This question have been debated and scrutinized for many years by many different people from two different stances. Some believe assisted-suicide is immoral and taking away God’s right to handle human life as others believe the individual should be in charge of making their decision for their own body. As a group, we collectively support euthanasia and believe in its legalization. We will examine studies and utilize key factors in this debate to support the notion that people should be in charge of their life and when to end it.